Precision Shaft Grinding Services


D&B Machining is one of New England’s only machine shops which house its own grinding department. Our precision shaft grinding services are second to none and we can hold OD tolerances within (+/-.0001) and concentricity within (.0005). We rough turn the parts in our CNC turning department leaving a minimal amount of stock and finish them in our precision shaft grinding department. The maximum size we can grind between centers is 14” OD x 60” long. We have the ability to grind an array of materials including but not limited to cast iron, aluminum, bronze, carbon steel, monel, brass, stainless steel, titanium, inconel and super duplex. Feel free to contact D&B Machining and let us be your one stop shop for your precision shaft grinding.

(x1) Sharp Cylindrical Grinder 1460A

  • Max OD - 14"
  • Shaft Length - 60.00"
  • Fully Automatic

(x1) Landis Cylindrical Grinder 41

  • Max OD - 8"
  • Shaft Length - 20.00"

(x1) Kent Surface Grinder

  • Travel - 8" x 24"

(x1) Boyor Schultz Surface Grinder H612

  • Travel - 6" x 12"