Mechanical Assembly & Miscellaneous Equipment


In addition to D&B Machining being the area’s premier CNC machine shop, we also have the ability to meet customer requirements on mechanical assemblies. Whether you have a one piece or a high volume production run, let D&B Machining quote your mechanical assembly. We have the ability to manufacture the various parts required in the mechanical assembly and build per our customer requirements. D&B Machining will take care of purchasing hardware, heat treating, plating and customer packaging specifications. We also specialize in large weldments assemblies for various industries. Utilizing Lean Manufacturing practices allows D&B Machining to be very competitive in both lead time and cost. Let us look at your next project.

(x1) Nardini SZ060TG Engine Lathe

  • Chuck capacity - 20''

  • Shaft Length - 60.00"
  • Bar capacity - 3.25" OD

  • Complete with tool holders, hollow rest, steady rest, travel gages

(x1) Nardini MS1440 Engine Lathe

  • Chuck capacity - 15”

  • Shaft length - 40.00"

  • Complete with tool holders, hollow rest, steady rest, travel gages

(x2) Lagun FTV25

  • Retro-fitted with a ProtoTrak control

  • Travel - X (30.00”) Y (14.00”)

  • Spindle - 490-4,200 RPM, 5HP

  • Excellent for low quantity & prototype work

(x1) Cosen C300NC Automatic Cut-off Saw

  • Max OD - 12"

  • Speed - 66-328 FPM, 5HP

  • Fully automatic with numerical control & variable pressure controller


  • (x3) Bridgeports and Sharp knee millers with digital readouts
  • (x2) Hardinge manual lathes with 5C collet attachments
  • Miller Millermatic 210 MIG Welder

  • (x2) Do-All Vertical Band Saw, 16" throat

  • Alorsine Cut-off Saw, 10" dia
  • 60-Ton Hydraulic press

  • Vertical belt sanders & buffing wheels

  • Arbor press

  • Drill presses

  • Tapping heads
  • Sandblaster
  • Ramco automatic parts washer
  • (x2) Forklifts
  • Pallet jacks
  • Set of torque wrenches